Unst Fair Food Fund



If anyone is facing difficulty in affording basic foodstuffs or toiletries, there is now a Foodbank fund available in Unst. If you are needing assistance, or know of someone who does, contact Unst Community Council clerk Josie McMillan on 711554, emailclerk@unstcc.shetland.gov.uk or on Facebook private messsage to “Unst Community Council”;

or contact Unst Partnership chair Gordon Thomson on 711695, mobile 0755 4970862 , email mailto:up@unst.org or on Facebook private message “Unst Partnership Ltd.”

All requests will be treated in confidence.


(Supplying, stocking and running a local Foodbank through donations in shops is not feasible just now. The Fair Food Fund Fund is there to arrange purchase and delivery of foodstuffs and toiletries. Funded by SIC Fair Food Fund and HIE.)



There is also a Facebook support page for Unst Unst Community Support Group and Yell has the Yell Health Support Group